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Distributors’ perspective: Call to action

by David Williams

Recently, NAFCD sent out a call for candidates to serve on its board of directors. The most critical part of the election process, it is the time when individuals from member companies can nominate themselves or others from their company to be considered for a position on the NAFCD’s board of directors.

I have been active with the association’s leadership for many years. I enjoy helping our industry by giving back some of my time and energy immensely. To me, it is just a natural thing to do. I serve on the board of directors for several reasons.

First, I think it is a great opportunity for professional growth. By learning more about our industry, you can have a huge impact on your business. The people on the board are some of the most talented and qualified people in our industry and I enjoy being in their company and discussing business. Serving on the board can really help you expand your industry contacts, and connect you with other successful men and women in our industry.

Second, I know that serving helps develop leadership skills. Management teams expect board members to be active and involved in shaping the programs and direction of the association. Serving on the board expands leadership skills through interaction with fellow board members. Most of us are limited on the leadership skills we receive from others around us so spending time on the board certainly provides the venue.

We also have an opportunity to practice our presentation skills. Oftentimes, a board member will serve as lead to a specific task force and there are opportunities to lead, organize and report on the findings of the task force. Finally, serving on the board allows you to give back. I think all of us want to leave this world a little better than we found it. Serving allows us to help our industry not only tackle the problems we face today, but also helps it to be successful for the next generation.

If my reasons aren’t enough, consider the huge opportunity this creates to expand your industry contacts, influence the direction of NAFCD, give back to the industry that has made your career, serve as a representative to your industry, develop and influence programs and education to help your colleagues and much more. I encourage all my colleagues to consider being part of the NAFCD board of directors. It truly is a rewarding experience on both a personal and professional level.

In addition to the call for board candidates, NAFCD will once again be celebrating and recognizing the leaders in our industry. We are now accepting nominations for the annual Leadership in Action Award, developed to recognize intuitive individuals who bring positive ideas, contributions and change to the flooring industry. It also recognizes the role their respective companies play in supporting these innovators.

The 2009 Leadership in Action award winner Renz Verbeek called the award a great honor to receive. “I’ve been in business many years and to receive this type of an honor is probably the greatest type of honor in the sales industry,” he said. “It makes you look at things differently and consider what you can do for the industry going forward. I feel there’s something new to learn every day.”

To learn more about the NAFCD board of directors or the Leadership in Action Award, visit or call 312.321.6836.