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Warren Tyler: It’s everything personal

ORLANDO, FLA.—Education plays such a huge role at Coverings every year, and 2010 was no different. Sales training was a key component of the program, and who better than FCNews columnist Warren Tyler to address attendees.

Tyler, who has spoken at just about every major event—and minor, for that matter—in his long and storied floor covering career, made sure all who joined him for his session, “Creating the Impregnable Architect Connection” know that people listen to, take advice from and purchase from people they like. “Although this criterion is fallible, people trust people they like,” he told the audience.

“It is not enough to be a skilled contractor, specifier or salesperson,” he explained. “A personal connection with any client is needed to rise from good to great. While technical expertise is critical to the task at hand, as in life, job positions, promotions, sales and even elections are awarded to those we like.”

He added that a professional relationship is only as strong as the personal relationship. “You must learn the importance of delving beyond the basics and striving to reach an understanding of the architects’ emotions toward their work and why it is just as important to familiarize yourself with their business as it is as it is to know yours.”

Tyler emphasized that attitude is “the most important thing you have regarding human/personal skills. The road to success is all about attitude. It is impossible to give your best for someone you don’t like. A successful business plan is the art of being liked. The secret of success is to be a great person, and the greatest way for you to lose respect is for you not to be an honorable person. Sincerity is the best attitude of success in becoming a trusted advisor.

“Enthusiasm is another attitude of success,” he told the crowd. “So many people today seem to have had personality bypasses. How could you deal with someone who is not happy with the products, the company he represents or the type of person he is? You all should be satisfied with the way you are.”

Tyler’s message about pride and striving to be the best resonated with the appreciative audience. “Everybody goes into business so they can be the best they can possibly be,” he concluded. “You should always be enthusiastic in what you do and proud of the way you do it.”