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Pergo, Mannington enter licensing agreement

Raleigh, N.C.—Pergo announced it entered into a license agreement with Mannington Mills on May 15, granting access to Pergo and Classen patents for fold-down joints. This allows Mannington to sell any of the Vålinge variations on the PerfectFold technology, including 5G, 5G+ and 5G-S.

“This agreement resolves any disputes between the parties with respect to Pergo’s PerfectFold fold-down technology and permits Mannington to manufacture and sell its Longwood Collection and other products which are covered by Pergo’s PerfectFold and other Classen patents,” said Ralf Eisermann, CEO of Pergo AG. “We believe this cooperation will be beneficial for Pergo and Mannington as it allows Mannington to sell products utilizing Vålinge’s 5G joint systems without risk of infringing patents from Classen and Pergo.”

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