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Diversified Flooring spreads Shaw's green message

Dalton—Diversified Flooring of Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C., a recently certified Evergreen dealer, has a new, environmentally focused marketing approach, based on the Shaw Industries recycling program. Considerable interest from customers in eco-friendly carpet spawned the search for a truly green supplier, according to store owner Brent Rice.

“At the conclusion of our product research, we chose Shaw’s type 6 nylon,” he explained. “We felt Shaw’s commitment to keeping carpet out of landfills could enhance our marketing story. Today, we send four to eight 52-foot tractor trailers per month to Shaw’s carpet collection partner in Morrisville, N.C., which transports old carpet to Shaw’s Evergreen nylon recycling facility. Recycling has cut my dumpster fees in half and allowed our business to tell a great story…”

The environmental commitment story is told via the Green Machine, a van replete with a canopy, table and chairs. Potential customers receive information and demonstrations about the type 6 cradle to cradle story, durability of nylon and Shaw’s proprietary stain resistant treatment, R2X.

For customers who have already bought type 6 nylon, the van serves as the location for awarding those buyers an “Eco Partner” engraving. Furthermore, press releases were sent to all local media outlets and blind advertisements ask North Carolina cities, “Have you been greened?”

“We hope Diversified Flooring is a model for other flooring retailers,” said David Wilkerson, Shaw’s corporate director of sustainability. “Shaw’s recycling story can both enhance our customers’ marketing messages as well as contribute to their bottom lines by significantly reducing dumpster fees.”

For more about Shaw’s recycling program, call the mill at 800.441.7429.

For more on Diversified Flooring’s marketing strategy, call 919.785.1936.