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WFCA Gold Standard: Virginia dealer credits teamwork, education, dedication to customers, community

Always learning

“We strongly believe in continuing education,” Cassis pointed out. “We are never done learning. Products and methods are constantly evolving and we consider it a part of our job to keep on top of all the latest innovations in the industry.”

In addition, “We work as a team, always consulting each other on new ideas and problem solving. Having long-term employees allows us to build long-lasting trust with our customers. They continue to come to the people they know for their flooring needs.”

Having an educated sales staff is one thing, but Carpet Plus takes it all the way through the sales process to its installers. In fact, for Cassis, there is no compromise when it comes to this.

“It doesn’t matter if they are subs or hourly guys,” he said, “all installers used by Carpet Plus are certified by the International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association (CFI) in their field. It is a requirement to work with us. Carpet Plus will even pay for that training. By using quality installers we ensure that our customers are receiving the best installation possible.”

Why does Cassis feel this way? “Because CFI whole-heartedly supports the elevation of our industry as a whole. It promotes change through education, honesty and strong work ethics. It don’t just promote it. It facilitates it with constant communication, seminars and various certification programs. CFI trainers have been to our store several times and [they] were the first to congratulate us on our Gold Standard Award.

“I contribute a portion of our success to our becoming a part of CFI and WFCA,” he added. “I find it hard to believe all retailers do not take advantage of all that these two organizations have to offer.”

Along with hosting CFI classes at the store, Carpet Plus opens itself up to manufacturer’s training classes—“for our installers and our sales team—to make sure we are providing the best possible products and service to our customers.”

Speaking of products, everything in Carpet Plus is hand picked by Cassis and Adams. “If it’s in our showroom, we totally believe in that product,” he said. “If we find problems with a certain product, we do not display it. We owe that to our customers but it also cuts down on post-installation problems.”