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Adhesives manufacturers developing green practices save resources, time, money, keep hazardous gasses out of air


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A producer of adhesives for VCT, LVT, modular carpet tile, vinyl sheet goods and approved rubber flooring, Spray-Lock adhesives are approved by major flooring companies such as Mohawk, Tarkett, Earthwerks, CBC and LG Hausys, said Fred Land, CEO. Further product credentials include FloorScore and CRI’s Green Label Plus certification, in addition to zero VOCs according to EPA test method 24.

“We see our customers looking for an environmentally friendly, high performance adhesive,” Land said, and cited one of the largest retail companies in the world that recently reduced glue consumption in its building program by over 4.7 million pounds using Spray-Lock adhesives.

One of the unique products is the 3500 sheet good adhesive, used largely in hospitals because it does not contain epoxy. “It allows new flooring to be put in without shutting off the HVAC system due to the fact that our adhesives do not atomize,” Land explained. It’s quick drying properties also allow for immediate contact from other trade traffic to hospital beds.