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Adhesives manufacturers developing green practices save resources, time, money, keep hazardous gasses out of air


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“Para-Chem has always considered itself a green advocate,” said Sonny Callaham, flooring application technical support. “In the late 1980s we made the conscious decision to be green long before the market dictated what that meant, as it does today.”

The biggest change the company has seen over the years is the way green has changed building demands. U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED specifications have, “changed the way architects, general contractors and specifiers build and design buildings,” Callaham said. “Specifically for the flooring industry, we are now gaining LEED credits not only for using low emitting raw materials but for extracting them regionally to help reduce outside air quality (OAQ) through reduced vehicle emissions.”

Continuing to improve OAQ, Para-Chem has a three-in- one product, Intelligent Flooring System (IFS), that reduces travel to the job-site, ultimately reducing the installer’s transit time and vehicle emissions. “No longer are there multiple trips by the installer to go out to the location to install one product for a moisture barrier, another for a sound barrier and a final product to install the wood flooring,” Callaham explained. “Reduced trips to the job-site, reduced waste and improved efficiency means more money in the contractor’s pocket: going green can save you green.”