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Adhesives manufacturers developing green practices save resources, time, money, keep hazardous gasses out of air


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Another claimant of green pioneering, the supplier has complied with South Coast Air Quality Management District for several years, said Neil McMurdie, director of research and development for Mapei Americas. “We continue to strive to lower VOCs and enhance formulations to make them as environmentally responsible as possible and have actually seen improvement in performance by taking this approach.”

Jeff Johnson, product line manager for floor covering installation systems, said rapidly renewable materials improved handling characteristics and reduced odors, while maintaining performance attributes such as bond strength, shear strength and elongation. “Raw material suppliers have been improving their products too, by making latexes with higher filler loading so we can make higher-solids products that perform better for certain applications.”

Johnson added rapidly renewable resources contributes to LEED points in category MR6, rapidly renewable resources. “It also combines a moisture barrier with a strong adhesive, making the installer’s job easier with a secure installation for wood floors.”