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Adhesives manufacturers developing green practices save resources, time, money, keep hazardous gasses out of air


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New to the adhesive game, Anderson’s years of experience in the hardwood field continue to define its intentions. “For anything we do, we’re in the process of improving our core values: quality, innovation, design and environmental legacy,” Woolsey said. “We tried to solve problems by looking at the whole package.”

Green Grab adhesive and Triple Option, a three-in-one product, are all GreenGuard certified, as are its wood flooring products and cleaning solutions. “To my knowledge, we’re the only company in the wood industry to offer an entire flooring system that is GreenGuard certified.”

Woolsey noted Triple Option, an adhesive, concrete moisture inhibitor and sound reduction sys- tem, is very low odor, isocyanate free and offers superior bond strength and grab. Its sound deadening properties are equivalent to cork, meeting IIC and STC building code requirements and is also antimicrobial, featuring the Meta-sept system.

“It is a one component, 100% solids, cross linking, MS polymer-based adhesive formulated for the interior installation of wood block parquet, engineered wood planks and acrylic impregnated planks,” he finished.