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WONZ 2011 color forecast: Natural colors back in style

MARIETTA, GA.—Wools of New Zealand’s (WONZ) 2011 color forecast embraces a global collection of 100 shades from which custom palettes are being developed for WONZ color palletteindividual manufacturers. The collection, created by colorist Joanna Ramsden, is influenced by the natural world and embraces the growing importance today’s consumer places on interior lifestyles.

“Organic materials are replacing glossy alternatives preferred before the economic downturn,” said Ramsden. “These materials identify with reassurance and longevity, heritage and tradition and are becoming the backbone of new modern homes. Eclecticism has become a trend within itself, i.e., individual expression through colors we like and feel comfortable with, and surrounding ourselves with styles and possessions which make us feel good. The ‘new modern’ is synonymous with cocooning where new design meets a hand-made culture.”

Colors featured within the 2011 collection include luxurious shades of white, delicate iced pastels, classic neutrals, sophisticated naturals, chic mid-tones, rich and exotic earth shades, fashionable, vibrant brights and deep mysterious darks. These colors are presented in poms (or available on fan cards) dyed on Laneve-branded New Zealand wool.

WONZ recently launched the integrity mark Laneve to offer assurances regarding the traceability and sustainability of New Zealand wool. “The exceptional whiteness and purity of Laneve New Zealand wool not only makes it the best choice for dyeing,” said Ramsden, “but also demonstrates the dynamic clarity and luster emanating from beautiful tones illustrated in the color forecast.”

The color forecast is available through WONZ for $300, plus shipping.

For more information or to place an order for a custom palette, call 800.367.0462.