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Visuals drive high-end resilient products


Permastone is the high-end LVT from Tarkett with multiple design and installation options. Assorted colors are available on 13 stone, marble, slate and ceramic designs with Tarkett's PermaStonethree grouting options. The mill’s Tritonite surface treatment is also resistant to scratches, stains and wear, warranting a lifetime guarantee, Finseth said.

In sheet resilient, FiberFloor has also performed well. Proprietary embossing techniques lend a realistic look and feel of natural materials like wood, stone and tile, Finseth said. Constructed of five layers, including a foam core, it suits loose lay installation, cutting time to lay it down.

Both lines have captured market share during the economic slump. “Permastone and FiberFloor offer high-end styling and premium performance at a very affordable price,” Finseth said. “In times such as these, people work a bit harder to find that balance between performance, design and budget to find options that don’t force them to compromise their design vision because of budget constraints.”Tarkett's FiberFloor

-Emily Hooper