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Visuals drive high-end resilient products


Mindful of increased consumer spending, Metroflor has begun releasing higher-end products. “The market is getting better and people are realizing it’s not the end of the Metroflor's m9world,” said Michael Raskin, president.

To that end, the company touts m9, a design-oriented, patented, floating, locking floor system. “It is a collection about style, design and quality,” Raskin said. A self-admitted design lover, he has found unique capabilities with m9. “We can really cater to the designer market and customers who want to create their own unique space.”

The m9 system is also marketed differently from other Metroflor products. “It has a completely separate marketing package and is a brand that stands alone,” Raskin said. He feels that kind of distinction will grow the line to be perceived as unique, extensive and fashion-forward.

Metroflor's HybridHybrid is the company’s other new high-end, floating system. As the name suggests, Hybrid blends the best of laminate and LVT, Raskin said. “From laminate, it takes the click system and smooth HDF substrate; from LVT, it takes the visuals, performance and higher acoustical ratings.” He also reported that consumers love the quality, realistic wood designs and texture of Hybrid.