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LVT differentiates, expands design, function, construction; Ease of installation grows


With claims as the first company to bring LVT to the U.S. market, Metroflor defines standards and consumer choices with products like Hybrid. As the name suggests, the collection is a blend of LVT and laminate systems’ best characteristics. “Basically, the No. 1 criteria in a superior LVT installation is a smooth Metroflor's Hybridsubfloor, and Hybrid has a perfectly smooth HDF subfloor already attached to the back,” said Michael Raskin, president.

In addition to the LVT’s 12- and 20 mil wearlayers, the product is solid and has a denser sound with foot traffic than traditional laminate floors. “The demand for LVT is growing and customers are realizing it is a completely differently product that has primarily been sold in home centers,” Raskin elaborated. “Those products are like comparing a Mercedes to a Yugo.”