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High end laminate products holding their own during tough times


Formica's MirabellaTwo of the mill’s upper-end products Quintessa and Mirabella, “have held their own in a tough economy,” said Fred Giuggio, vice president, while the new Messina launch was one of Formica’s “most successful product launches.”

Messina is “Formica at its best,” he noted. The eight SKUs feature Formica’s new Vibrant Finish and the 5G locking system. “The positioning in our new Premier Display and the aggressive price point has put Messina in the high-end category, while still providing a mark-up to the retailer.”

The top-end Quintessa not only features Formica’s best attributes, he explained, such as 12mm thick construction and the FormiLock Plus installation system, it is “one of our best selling collections, with Valhalla Birch as the No. 1 selling visual.”Formica's Quintessa