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Customization and visual quality define high-end hardwood



The Inverness line crowns the king of product at Mannington mills. In the collection, each plank is individually scraped, glazed and character marked by hand, said Dan Mannington, Stonehenge WalnutNatkin, director of hardwood business. Hand made detail makes each board unique. “Stonehenge Walnut is a particularly desirable look,” Natkin said. “Its whitewashed appearance is unique and offers a fresh and modern, yet traditional visual that goes with many decorating styles.”

Though times have been admittedly tough for hardwood products—particularly those selling at a higher price point—there is still demand for distinctive products, he reported. “High-end products tend to be featured in displays, advertisements and on the web site.” He added it is also important to highlight the features and benefits of high-end products, like performance, style and durability. “It is more important in today’s marketplace to do that, but it is a marketing approach we’ve always taken.”

Aside from marketing, consumers are naturally attracted to appealing, beautiful visuals. “The consumer is pre-disposed to liking the best looks,” Natkin said. “A retailer that immediately tries to sell her the least expensive product is leaving gross sales and margin on the table.