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Customization and visual quality define high-end hardwood



“Premium products, such as HomerWood hardwood flooring, command a higher price in direct correlation to the costs involved to produce our one-of-a-kind floors,” said Dawn McElfresh, product manager. Simple economics dictate higher pricing for less readily available products, but what makes the mill’s floors so unique? “Costs include a hands-on approach to the line, domestic lumber and manufacturing and the utmost quality to attention.”

HomerWoodHomerWoodShe elaborated that HomerWood is harvested from Appalachian forests in Pennsylvania and hand-scraped by Amish artisans. Boards are also hand selected with smoked visuals, and offer construction options including 3/4-inch solid and 5/8-inch, lengths up to 7 feet and widths up to 6 inches. “Our flooring includes clear and character boards for a truly unique visual that allows nature to customize your floor,” McElfresh said.

In order to reach the new, value-minded consumer, HomerWood has taken several steps. “Two areas we have focused on are customization and design options,” McElfresh reported. Flexibility in those areas allows the products to appeal to a broad range of consumer preferences, from modern to traditional decor.