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Ceramic producers launch upscale designs, colors


The elegance and majesty of the natural stones found in the imperial palaces of ancient

Rome are now available again to enrich today’s projects thanks to StonePeak’s innovative technology, noted Noah Chitty, the mill’ technical services manager. “The Caesar collection emulates the shades and textures of those unique travertines and presents them in two finishes: Natural and lappato, which adds luminosity to every application.”

Caesar emulates the shades and textures found in natural travertine, while avoiding any repetition in design due to StonePeak’s inkjet technology, he noted. Caesar is available in four natural shades including Light Splendor, Bronze Allure, Auburn Blaze and Golden Aura, and comes in four sizes—24-, 12 x 24-, 18- and 12-inches—and complemented by a complete trim package including mosaics and chair rail.

“Inkjet technology in the glazing process is a revolutionary new technology that offers the highest quality images to be reproduced on porcelain tile,” he explained.