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Ceramic producers launch upscale designs, colors


The mill’s high-end porcelain tile offerings include Patchwork and Metro. A contemporary twist on a classic, Patchwork’s colors and textures combine a rustic appearance with fashionable color variation, noted Jim Dougherty, director of ceramic business. “Its unique sense of style provides a welcoming warmth in any home. Patchwork features a rustic appearance with color variation from tile to tile like natural products combined with an updated structure and texture. Each color blend is a combination of coordinated colors, which transcend multiple design styles without compromise providing a quilt of pleasingly aesthetic colors.

Patchwork combines state-of-the-art technology with the mill’s “design expertise into a product offering designed for the American consumer using American colors,” he added. Colors include Fresh Linen, Brushed Suede, Rawhide and Old Tapestry.

Inspired by contemporary city life, Metro exudes the electricity of urban styling without being too trendy, he noted. “The classic minimalistic look of Metro focuses on warm colors and subtle surface texture that create a focal point for any updated design style. The focus on warm colors is very different from what you will see elsewhere in the market because European minimalism focuses on cool colors.

“The American consumer wants minimalism with color,” he explained. “Not only is Metro great for the floor, we’ve added a 6 x 18-inch for use as both a floor and wall tile. To compliment its use on the walls, we’ve added a listello—the Frequency Border, which works with all the colors and really adds flair to the overall look.” There are five colors in Metro: Concrete, Skyscraper, Central Park, Hudson River and Midtown.