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ReSource members divert waste

AURORA, COLO.—Members of the ReSource Commercial Flooring Network diverted 6.8 million pounds of carpet waste from landfills last year, a drastic increase from the 1.7 million pounds the buying group did in 2008, according to officials. The initiative, Ecollect, promotes ReSource members to engage in sustainable business practices by taking a holistic approach to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Methods vary from member to member, of which there are 97 across the U.S. “Members were encouraged to be creative and find local solutions,” said Kris Keller, ReSource’s vice president of marketing and member services. The program utilized recycling programs through Interface and Tandus, but members were urged to find other avenues if traditional recycling methods weren’t available in their areas.

“In the case of some carpet tiles, those still in good shape were cleaned and reinstalled in a different location,” Keller said.

To learn more about ReSource’s diversion program, call 866.892.4648.