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New heat-friendly underlayment hits market

NORFOLK, NEB.—MP Global has released QuietWarmth, an underlayment conducive and effective with radiant heat, especially under floating floors in laminate, engineered wood and ceramic mate- rials. Non-metallic, proprietary FiberThermic electric heating elements are embedded in the padding, distributing warmth evenly throughout any room without drafts, said Jack Boesch, director of marketing.
QuietWarmth smoothes out imperfections in the subfloor while absorbing noise and conducting heat. “A capillary effect is created by random air-laid low melt filaments,” he said. The underlayment is also third-party certified to contain at least 77% post-industrial content and meets national indoor air quality standards. The heating elements in QuietWarmth put out roughly 30 BTUs per square foot, meeting maximum heat requirements, and enables comfortable thermostat settings without wasting energy, Boesch explained. Cross-linked poly mers protect against moisture and have an inherent safety feature to automatically close circuits if necessary.
The product is also maintenance-free and has no liquid components, he added, so there are no annual tune-ups like those required for hydronic heating sys- tems. It is ideal for supplemental heat in existing rooms, and installation area sizes can be customized for smaller spots within a room, such as in front of a bed or sink. QuietWarmth is available in four sizes of 1⁄8-inch thick roll out pads, and each pad generates 10 watts of power per square foot.
For more about QuietWarmth, call MP Global at 888.379.9695.