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Green Seal develops corporate certification

WASHINGTON—The 20-year old non-profit certifier of green products and services, Green Seal, is now offering an eco-friendly certification process for companies, called the Company Certification Program. The new development is an extension of Green Seal’s 30 environmental standards and over 3,500 green certified products and services.
What makes this program unique is the assessment of entire companies rather than individual products at a time, said Arthur Weissman, president and CEO of Green Seal.
“Our pilot Company Certification Program makes green corporate claims credible and provides real marketing power as manufacturers brand themselves in a sustainability-minded marketplace,” explained Weissman.
Certification at the gold, silver and bronze levels is conducted by a third party during on-site inspections and life-cycle assessment of a company’s supply chain and major products. Among other factors, the program looks at greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation, biodiversity impact and labor relations.
In addition to the license to use Green Seal, the organization also provides green-washing insurance for the business.
For more information about Green Seal and its programs, call 202.872.6400.