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Beaulieu kicks off Bliss Healthy Home ad campaign

DALTON—Healthy Home, Beaulieu’s most popular Bliss collection, will be the star of consumer ads appearing in Beautiful Flooring and Fabulous Floors magazines for the spring season.

“These are new ads that show a real-life story,” said Patricia Flavin, senior vice president of marketing for Beaulieu of America. “Every mom in America can identify with something like a child’s lollipop being dropped on the floor and the whole ‘5-second rule’ thing. With Bliss Healthy Home carpet, we offer real solutions for everyday living.”

Healthy Home has Beaulieu’s Silver Release antimicrobial treatment that uses silver, zinc and/or copper ions to effectively eliminate stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, she noted. “It also has Magic Fresh that reduces household odors, such as from cooking, pets and smoking. Both features have caught the attention of Bliss customers, especially moms with children.

“We selected these two publications because they really zero-in on our demographic. Women who read these magazines are definitely shopping for floor covering and decorating ideas,” Flavin explained. Beautiful Flooring distributes approximately 350,000 issues to home improvement centers and supermarkets. Fabulous Floors is found in bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders.

Also as part of Beaulieu’s spring strategy, the company will launch its “Bloomin’ Bliss” dealer promotion from April 4 through July 3. Registered dealers are able to earn a $200 American Express Gift Card for every 200 yards of Bliss carpet (except Bliss for Kids) they sell during the promotion. With no amount restrictions, Flavin noted, dealers are encouraged to sign up early and sell as much Bliss as they can. Dealers can get more qualification details and registration materials from their Bliss by Beaulieu representative.

And new this spring, Bliss Brand Ambassadors have begun their work, visiting Bliss retailers, meeting with sales associates and freshening up displays.

“Our consumer ads will invite consumers to visit their Bliss dealer, and our Bliss dealers will be rewarded substantially for selling Bliss product,” she concluded.

For more information on Bliss by Beaulieu, call 800.227.7211.